2012 Retrospective

As it turns out, I learned a few things in 2012.

Harold and Maude illustration

  1. The best dissertation is a finished dissertation. Sharing and discussing your research is one of the scariest and best parts of being a grad student.
  2. Never take the sun for granted; when possible, opt for a sundress or shorts.
  3. Move often, you’ll be surprised to learn you can love new friends as much as the old, while not losing the originals!
  4. Never let age hinder who you love and befriend. The world is a treasure chest of extraordinary, genuine people.
  5. A flight to Berlin may not guarantee a job, but it will give opportunity for a wonderful evening of friendship.
  6. Try hard to live more like Maude. Don’t be afraid to end things while they’re still good because there is yet another adventure just around the corner.
  7. If you want to get to know your new neighborhood, find a pub where everybody knows your name.
  8. When you need to clear your head, hop on a bus and cross a border, you’re sure to be rewarded. …And eat as much street food as possible along the way.
  9. Houses can burn down and change all the rules, and a small fight can wound even the strongest of friendships.
  10. 30 people CAN fit into a tiny bedsit in London and still enjoy themselves immensely.
  11. Heights are extremely daunting but my body is capable of climbing rock walls with no ropes attached and yours probably is too.
  12. You know how it’s awesome when people are nice for no apparent reason? You can be that person too.

*2013: Sometimes the universe knows exactly who to put in your path.

Strong Woman lifting dumbbell


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